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ProjexIT Corp. offers solutions and services using the latest information technology to make all of your critical business data readily recoverable from loss.

  • Appliances for enterprise data backup and recovery
  • Hardware and software solutions for disaster recovery
  • Services for managing automated backup and recovery
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Data backup is the Number 1 Pain Point in many IT shops

Lower risk by enhancing data resilience

  • 70% of small businesses experiencing a major data loss go out of business within 1 year
  • 54% of respondents surveyed did not have the necessary skills to be able to recover their lost data
  • 40% of respondents surveyed about data loss said the value of their data was simply ‘priceless’

Protect your data and make it more readily recoverable

  • GROWTH: Amounts of data being generated and stored are growing
  • REACH: More data is stored or accessed outside the traditional data center
  • DURATION: More data is being retained for analysis and referral for longer periods of time
  • FOCUS: Organizations prefer not to divert attention from core operations to manage the intricasies of data backup and recovery
  • RISK: Avoiding dependency on external cloud providers prone to cloud outages.

Make ProjexIT your data protection partner to simplify, streamline and minimize the total cost of ownership of your organization’s data backup and disaster recovery capability.

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Make ProjexIT your data protection partner!

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