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  • Archive – A process of copying data from one location to another location to be retained for a period of time, often lengthy (i.e. years).
  • Appliance – A turnkey, all-in-one solution combining hardware, software and services configured to meet business requirements.
  • Backup – A process of copying data from one location to another to be recoverable in the event of data loss. It acts like a form of insurance to enable business continuity after data access is disrupted at the original location.
  • Backup Appliance – A turnkey, all-in-one solution for automating daily data backup, recovery, archive and disaster recovery planning.
  • Backup Window – A period of time in which business operations are halted to create backup.
  • Bare Metal Recovery – A process of restoring to a separate computer system, a complete operating platform including boot partitions, system settings, applications and data, to the same state that existed on the original computer system.
  • Business Continuity – A management process to sustain operations under any circumstances at any time.
  • Data Loss – Data no longer accessible, possibly due to corruption, deletion, network outage, power loss or storage media failure. 
  • Disaster Recovery – An ability to restore backup data after a major disruption, such as flood, earthquake, hurricane or tornado.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – A documented approach for recovering or recreating accessible data .
  • High Availability – A design for systems that need to remain operating when a disaster occurs.
  • Progressive Incremental – An innovative data backup method to save all data once and only new or changed data from then on.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – A goal for keeping recovered data current to within a specified time period.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – A goal for the time it takes to restore the operation of data systems.
  • Vault – A place to retain and protect data for defined time periods.

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