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Here are videos about protecting business data



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1. Introduction to STORServer Backup (ISB) [1 minute 3 seconds] Show ISB video ISB Podcast (40.5 MB)
2. What is Backup Appliance Technology (WBAT) [2 minutes] Show WBAT video WBAT Podcast (88 MB)
3. Installation of a Backup Appliance (IBA) [5 minutes 24 seconds] Show IBA video IBA Podcast (240 MB)
4. Administration of a Backup Appliance (ABA) [1 minute 56 seconds] Show ABA video ABA Podcast (81.1 MB)
5. Tape Efficiency in a Backup Appliance (TEBA) [1 minute 25 seconds] Show TEBA video TEBA Podcast (60.6 MB)
6. Archive and Backup Client (ABC) [54 seconds] Show ABC video ABC (32.6 MB)
7. Consulting and Disaster Recovery Services (CDRS) [1 minute 42 seconds] Show CDRS video CDRS (73.6 MB)
8. Support Services and Warranty (SSW) [1 minute 22 seconds] Show SSW video SSW (57 MB)
9. Money Back Guarantee from STORServer (MBG) [1 minute 3 seconds] Show MBG video MBG (44 .1 MB)
10. Questions and Answers (Q_and_A) [10 minutes 31 seconds] Show Q_and_A video Q_and_A (470 MB)
11. WEBINAR: Data Backup Best Practices (DBBP) Webinar [28 minutes] Show DBBP Webinar Replay DBBP Podcast (29.7 MB)


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