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ProjexIT Corp. offers information technology services in:

  • Portfolio initiatives
  • Programs
  • Projects



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ProjexIT Corp. provides superior experience, expertise and leadership abilities for managing portfolio IT initiatives, programs and projects. The aim is to finish on schedule, within budget using available resources. That is accomplished through careful attention to best practices including scope, risk and change management.

Where your challenges and our services meet:


  • Aligning initiatives, programs and projects with strategy
  • Capitalizing on available resources
  • Delivering value
  • Managing risk


  • Meeting the schedule
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Sticking to the budget
  • Understanding requirements


Data backup and recovery services include:

  • Certified Installations
  • Disaster Recover
  • Health Check
  • Maintenance by Certified Experts
  • Technical Training
  • Support (8x5 or 24x7)

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Superior services to support your business objectives!

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